Life groups

Check with group leader for meeting details

Looking for encouragement? Looking for support? Looking for new friends? Looking for prayer support? 

Looking for a place to “fit in”? Looking for a place to study the Bible with others? Join a Life Group near you!


4:00 PM - Study Parables of Jesus / Meets in Various Home 1st & 3rd week in Belfair / Led by Terry Strong

Contact Terry For more information:

5:30 PM - Potluck Study Acts, verse by verse Meets weekly at home & led by Aaron & Shane Gray / Port Orchard / kid friendly

Contact Aaron and Shane for more information:

5:00 PM - Potluck Study Why We Trust The Bible Meets weekly at various homes in Port Orchard Led by Pastor Al Ferguson

Contact Al or Sue Ferguson for more information:

5:30 PM - Study at the home of Betty Plano / McCormick Woods / Led by D. Richard Kennedy

Contact D. Richard Kennedy for more information:


1:30 PM - Study in Revelation / Meets weekly at home of Dick & Patti Anderson in Lakeland Village / Led by Pastor Doug Hepting

Contact Doug Hepting for more information:,, or call at 360-275-3080

6:30 PM - Study I John, verse by verse Currently on ZOOM / Meets 1st & 3rd week / Lake Flora / Led by Tom Manassero

Contact Tom Manassero for more information:


6:15 PM - Potluck Study in Philippians / Meets weekly at the home of Dave & Terry Cooper / Port Orchard /Led by Dave Cooper

Contact Dave or Terry Cooper for more information: