Man UP!

No Commentaries & No Supplementary Text. Just bring your Bible and join Pastor Al before you go work.

Tuesday Mornings: 6:00 AM

Cutter's Point - 5500 Olympic Drive - Gig Harbor (adjacent to Dightman's)

Wednesday Mornings: 9:00 AM

QFC Meeting Room in Belfair

Questions are distributed a prior to their discussion. Should you be unable to attend, study questions are available in the church office, or you are encouraged to download the documents below:

Due to the restrictions mandated by the COVID-19 virus, Tuesday and Wednesday Bible studies are suspended. When the locations we meet are open for normal business, we will put dates in the Bible Studies below and restart them. In the interim, lets take advantage of this opportunity to strengthen our personal Bible Study  and prayer time, look for ways to help our neighbors and show the love of Christ to all. 

Bible Study questions, Mark Chapter 15, Date to be determined.

Bible Study Questions, Mark Chapter 16, Date to be determined.

Bible Study Questions, Luke Chapter 1, Date to be determined.