Thursday nights

open to all students grade 6-12

6:00 pm - 8:30 pm

At 6:00 pm we will all have the opportunity to eat dinner for $1.00

Our rotating menu consists of Tacos, Baked Potato Bar, Breakfast for dinner, and Spaghetti. 

Please if possible bring $1.00 per student to grub on awesome food.

*until restrictions are lifted, cooks and servers are gloved and masked - students are not allowed to serve themselves.

At 6:30 pm we begin our time or worship some short announcements,

Our evening consists of music, teaching, small groups, and games.

At 8:15 pm we end our night and allow for 15 minutes of open gym. 

Parents are to pick up their students no later the 8:30 pm

For any additional questions, please contact Matthew Blacken at 360.674.7000 or matthew.blacken@crcc.com

junior high & senior high

Sunday School

during 1st service in rooms 032 & 034 downstairs

No Sunday School on Communion Sunday

Welcome, Junior High and Senior High Students! Please join us during first service downstairs in the double room.

No class on Communion Sundays

There will be no Sunday School on communion Sundays. We encourage that this time would be that of families/friends partaking in communion together. We believe the Lord’s Table is a special event that is powerful for believing students to partake in, and for unbelieving students to observe.


No class is available during second service

Sunday School is only offered to students during first service. For families staying for second service, we encourage students to join the main worship gathering.


For additional information, please contact Matthew Blacken



Philosophy of Ministry

Welcome to CRCC Student Ministries at Christ the Rock Community Church for Junior (6-8) and Senior High (9-12) students.

  • Love (Loving God and people)
  • Serve (Serving our church and community)
  • Disciple (Equipping, teaching, and walking with students to build followers of Christ)

Vision and Mission of Student Ministries:

The Vision

We strive to reach all students with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We believe that faith in Christ comes by hearing the Word of God (Romans 10:17) and that there is no program, curriculum, or activity that is more potent than the transforming power of the Gospel. Based on this fact, we preach the Word believing that through the power of Gods word (Hebrews 4:12), God’s Holy Spirit will work in the hearts of are students. The closer teens get to the college age the more they begin to develop and own their own faith. Our vision and desire for 7th-12th grade is that we to see spiritual kids mature into adults, from biblical exposition to practical application, and we want to see Christ ignite sparks of curiosity into flames of faith in Him. We do not want to develop a student ministries that simply entertains kids, but one that is deeply rooted in the love of Christ, actively and selflessly giving and serving within the body of Christ and their local community. As we develop a biblical world view through the teaching of Gods word, small group leaders will come alongside our students in order to develop a deeper relationship with Christ through one on one discipleship.

The Mission
Our mission is to see youth grow by giving opportunities to develop through loving, serving, and discipleship. These three targets are the mission that we are setting ourselves out to accomplish.
Love:  In Luke 10:25-27 a lawyer attempts to put Jesus to the test by asking him what is written in the law concerning eternal life, Jesus responds by saying that, “you shall love the Lord God with all your heart, soul, strength, and mind, and your neighbor as yourself.” These two are the greatest commandments but what does that look like in our own walk? How do I love God? Who is my neighbor and how do I love him? What does it look like to love God in our daily walk through our praises, prayer life, study of scripture, and our obedience? As believers it is important to understand that our obedience is not motivated by gaining Gods love or acceptance. Instead, our obedience is fueled by His acceptance of us and love for us in and through His beloved Son, Jesus Christ. The Love of God transcends knowledge so it is not something that is simply taught but it is something that is experienced the more we mature in our faith. We can also grow in love for one another as we continue to mature in the fruit of the Spirit. As leaders our job is to shepherd and lead by example by living our own lives in testimony of this love (1 John 3:16).
Serve: In an attempt to be like Christ, it is our purpose to allow the humility that is brought about in us through the work of the Holy Spirit through serving those within the body of Christ in our church, as well as those outside of the church.  Through serving those within the local church the younger congregational members of the church (the youth) first learn to become self-less servants who are better apt to lead the church in a God honoring manner.  Pride, the main idol in the natural man, needs to be replaced with humility. Through serving those outside of the church, the youth do not lose sight of the world that is lost and in need of a savior. The command found in Acts 1:8 starts with serving in local areas and moves out to the more remote.  This is the same plan of service that we have adopted for our youth group.  Christ went outside of what was “normal” and customary for the Jews of that time and we believe that through following His example youth will be allowed to: (1) practice what they have been learning, (2) learn to trust God in ways that might not be possible in their current living conditions, (3) and glorify God even when they don’t feel like it.

Disciple:  In Matthew 28:19, Christ commands his disciples to “Go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I commanded you…”.  It is our purpose to fulfill this command in its entirety to the best of our ability by making disciples.  We not only want youth to come to repentance and salvation, but we also want to see them grow in their sanctification and aid them in any and every way that we possibly can. While we believe that we are fully sanctified through faith in Christ, this sanctification is not perfected while we are here in this life. There still remains some portions of the sinful natural man in every part of us.  The sinful remnants and habits are what we spend a lifetime fighting against and youth need to not only be made aware of this fact so as not to be frustrated in their early years of their Christian life, but also they need to be given effective weapons to fight against those sinful habits. Our mission is to come alongside individuals as they are taking their first steps into spiritual maturity. This is the process of discipleship that we seek to take each youth through whom God has placed under our care.