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4:30 PM Potluck Study in the book of Acts vs by vs/ Meets weekly at the home & Led by Aaron & Shane Gray/Kid friendly/Port Orchard

Contact Aaron or Shane Gray for more information:

5:00 PM - Potluck Study on the "Holy Spirit" Meets weekly at various homes in Port Orchard Led by Pastor Al Ferguson

Contact Al or Sue Ferguson for more information:

5:30 PM - Study at the home of Betty Plano / McCormick Woods / Led by D. Richard Kennedy

Contact D. Richard Kennedy for more information:


6:00-8:00PM "Attacks on Genesis" Meets Weekly at Christ the Rock, Downstairs in ROOM 30

 Man is choosing to ignore the clearly revealed truth of Genesis in every aspect of life- This life group will be an exciting, interactive deep dive exploration into current social attacks on Genesis. We will strive together to answer the "hard questions" with love, grace and truth. There will be frank eye-popping discussions of social issues (as they relate to the Word Of God), atheism, evolution, intelligent design, age of the universe, and technology.

Contact Steve Stuart for more information:


1:00pm- Study on EXODUS

Meets weekly NOW at home of Dick & Patti Anderson 211 Sterling Condo B-2, Allyn 98524  / Led by Pastor Doug Hepting

Contact Doug Hepting for more information:,, or call at 360-275-3080


6:30 PM - Study 2 Timothy, verse by verse / Meets 1st & 3rd week / Lake Flora / Led by Tom Manassero

Contact Nancy Manassero:


6:15 PM - Potluck Study "In the Footsteps of the Savior" by Max Lucado (Following Jesus Through the Holy Land)

Meets weekly at the home of Dave & Terry Cooper / Port Orchard /Led by Dave Cooper

Contact Dave or Terry Cooper for more information: