2024 christmas Dessert theater


"God Bless us, everyone"

It is Christmas, 1870, and Dr. Timothy Cratchit is about to set sail for a new life in Boston when he learns he has inherited a dilapidated clinic in Whitechapel from old Mr. Scrooge. Before he can leave for America, he must first do his duty as an Englishman and find a doctor to run the clinic. When none can be found, Tim has little choice but to take the job himself temporarily, of course. Or is it? Once he meets the pretty but headstrong young nurse who works there, along with the orphans in her care, Tim has to decide between the two very different futures that await him.

Throughout this journey it is as though Tim is wearing a costume that must be removed layer by layer to reconnect to the

"boy after God's own heart" that he once was.

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Tuesday August 20 @ 6:30pm

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Timothy & Millicent Audition songs

If you would like to Audition for Timothy or Millicent PLEASE have these songs prepared. Timothy will sing "Soon" and Millicent will sing "Potential"

Millicent: Prepare to sing :56 to end of song, measure 66 in sheet music

Timothy: Prepare to sing 1:18 to end of song, measure 106 in sheet music

Hard Copy Music and Words

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Hard Copy of Timothy and Millicent

Songs with Music score and words

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  • Millicent Song


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